Tartan Touch

Tartan Touch Sessions are running at Hillhead Jordanhill RFC every Friday until Friday 10th August, 7pm start time.

Everybody is welcome to turn up on the night and give it a go!

What is Tartan Touch?

Tartan Touch is Scottish Rugby’s Fun, Simple and Social version of non-contact rugby. With only 8 simple rules it is a great game for all abilities and all ages. Team are organise on the spot, you only need to turn up to play.

How to play Tartan Touch

The aim is to touch the ball down over opponent’s goal line. To do this, you need to keep possession by avoiding being touched.

Possession lost if:

  • Touched 6 times
  • Ball leaves the pitch
  • Ball passed forward, dropped forward, or kicked forward
  • Foul play by team in possession

When touched:

  • Offload within 2 steps or 2 seconds – No offside from the offload
  • Place ball on ground – Offside line created
  • Must be passed away by touched player or a teammate

Get involved! Turn up on the night!

  • Get a £3 Single Pass at Hughenden on the night or here in advance
  • Under 16’s get £1 single pass
  • Under 12’s go free if accompanied on the pitch by an adult.

You can find more information on the Tartan Touch website http://tartantouch.org/ or by following them on Twitter @Tartan_Touch