International Tickets

Application form

The SRU is changing the application process in that they will issue tickets electronically to each applicant. You will need to create an e-ticketing account with the SRU at

Scottish Rugby will assign match tickets to your e-ticketing account and issue these via email. In special circumstances, and at the discretion of Scottish Rugby, paper tickets can be posted directly to club members. If you are unable to accept e-tickets please ensure contact numbers are detailed on the application form as Scottish Rugby will contact you to set-up a ticketing account and arrange for your tickets to be posted.

  1. Get you SRU E-Ticketing Account Number (6 digit Number)
  2. Complete the application from (You can write onto the PDF and print in using Acrobat Reader for instance)
  3. Email the form to Hunter
  4. Transfer Payment to HJRFC (80-07-52 / 00452894 )