Hillhead Jordanhill


We have a change this year in our pre-season arrangements. Beginning this coming Tuesday, the 7th June, and continuing till Tuesday the 5th July i.e. for five consecutive Tuesdays, we have an S and C programme to enable all playing members to get into better shape physically for the beginning of the actual pre-season training on TUESDAY the 12th JULY.

The core elements of the S and C sessions will address some running activities and then weights programmes. The sessions are OPEN TO ALL; BUT best if you are there from the 7th June.

Management and control of the five TUESDAY EVENINGS are entrusted to JAMES LOWRY, one of our playing members who is also well qualified in this area.

Hope as many as possible can attend. N.B. NO STUDDED FOOTWEAR, only trainers allowed.

Further information on the programme from 12th JULY will be posted soon.

Best wishes

Bernie Mitchell

Head of Rugby- Hillhead/Jordanhill RFC