Hillhead Jordanhill



With the launch of our new website now official, HJRFC.com now need willing volunteers to join our comms team, helping us keep the site regularly filled to the brim with club news, features, scores and other good for our members and other visitors.

Keeping our shiny new HJRFC.com site packed with up-to-date information for club members and other visitors is no easy feat, so we need a team of committed contributors who can write match reports, live tweet games and take the odd photo or two at matches so we can add it to the site. Ideally we would like 2-3 volunteers per senior team in order to spread the load so it’s not just relying on one person. It’s a big ask though, so anyone who wishes to volunteer does so knowing that it’s a season-long commitment. As a comms team volunteer, you will be joining our established regular contributors Bernie and Iain, so high standards to maintain!

If you want to be a part of our brand new comms team, please email Andy Scott or Norman McLeod.