Hillhead Jordanhill


This was a good session with a mix of fitness testing – Mo Farah endurance running and standing long jump – and a semi-opposed touch rugby conclusion with all twenty six participants involved. Catching the eye in the first semi “rough and tumble” were new boy, Lewis Costello – some competition for you Rory as regards youth and brio!! Owen Gemmell, David Vallance, Blair Mackenzie and the irrepressible Clement Tranier. Guesting in his inimitable fashion and fitting demurely into a pair of “Clydebuilt” shorts was Joe Stafford who, if you believe all you read and see on Facebook, has changed his name. He still, however, looks the same i.e. remarkably ugly.

Conspicuous , however by their absence, were some of last season’s stalwarts: Harry Singh, Alec Cameron and Jonny Urquhart who, if he engages in any more disappearing acts, may well have his nickname changed from the “Goalie” to the “Ghost”. Haste ye Back!!

Finally I have asked about why there are NO training sessions on Saturdays – the answer from our new coaches and one which I support 100% is that the overall quality of the preseason work is diluted considerably by the addition of a third session. Saturday afternoon touch rugby, followed by a BBQ, is an entirely different matter.

See you all for EVENING 3 on TUESDAY the 19th JULY.