Hillhead Jordanhill

Hills Reserve Rising

On Saturday 27th August, The HILLS Reserve (2XV/2AXV) returned to Fort Matilda for a pre-season fixture against Greenock 2nd XV and came back to Hughenden with a good win for Hills. Final score 22 – 33.

2016-08-27 Greenock

A good mix of old wisdom and young fire but brilliant effort from everyone. Special mention for Darryl Elvin with a big front engine; a lot of game time this week; Grant Payne with a 60m first class winger try, pace, power and determination; and Vincent Ané with a great overall performance and a beautiful push over try (#FrenchFlairIsNotDead).

Hills Reserve: Darryl Elvin, Andy Scott Snr, Callum Kettle, Adam Jackson, Loïs Legendre (C), Vincent Ané (Coaches MOTM), Lewis Costello (Top Defender), Alex Michaud, David Brown, Ruaridh Mayes (Top Learner), Grant Payne (Outstanding Attacker), Joe Robson, Johnny Kinniburgh, Shane “The Hurricane” MacCormick, Matt Rea (Glue Player), Gary Kitchener, Mark Orr, Alasdair Graham. Coaches: Stuart Irvine, James Reekie