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Hills 2A’s Strong Statment in Cumnock

IMG-2016090The mention of Cumnock RFC always conjours up notions of no nonsense physical rugby. True to form the game played today was a brand of impact rugby, however, the force was with the 2As. Comprising a blend of old buggers and young stags, Hills served up a performance that was sum up afterwards by one of the Cumnock old boy spectators: “A great game of rugby with one team dominating everything, sadly not Cumnock, you boys gobbled us up and spat us out”.

Praise indeed for a great effort from 15 guys, none of your subs nonsense. With MOTM from Mark Orr, top defender Vincent Ané and outstanding attacker Fish (purely tactical to win the after match boat race).

Hills took a bonus point win out of a potentially difficult game. Nothing was given or offered to the home team as Hills showed what a bit of training and cohesion can do for a team.

The team: Kenneth Harper, Francisco Javier Gomez Acuña, Iain Richardson, Gary Kitchener, Vincent Ané, Martin Malone, Rob Parson, Mark Orr, Tom Primrose, David Brown, Iain MacKinnon, Toby Mitchell, Hector MacIntyre, Shane MacCormick & Grahame Cannell