Hillhead Jordanhill

Little Autumnal Promise for Hills in the Pollok Estate

Prop Jonny Urquhart was a very late call off for the “Hills” with a damaged back, but
many of his colleagues by the end of the game might have wished that any kind of last
minute.com “sickness” might have been preferable to actually taking part, such was the
final outcome. “Hills “ had a dreadful opening ten minutes when they conceded two soft
scores to Cartha but then began to improve with Alec Cameron a commanding figure on
the touchline, but following his removal with a head knock, the “Hills” forwards began to
lose most of the first phase contest and that impacted on their all round game. Such was
the confidence enjoyed by the home squad that not even the removal of a player to the
sin bin caused them any problems, easily holding the numerically stronger “Hills” for ten
minutes without conceding a score. Half time was reached with Cartha ahead
comfortably by nineteen points with the visitors hardly raising any hopes.

Matters did not improve in the second half for “Hills” with the justifiable binning of
Jimmy Griffith for a mid air collision. Try as hard as they might, the visitors continued
to be error prone with poor ball handing and retention being the main causes of their
failure. Cartha’s lead continued to grow, as they began to find large gaps in the “Hills”
fringe defences. “Hills” breakouts from their own half were few and far between, but
when the gain line was breached usually Rory Harte, Scott Busby, replacement Scott
Halliday and David Vallance were at the heart of it. But the margin of defeat in this
second “Glasgow derby” will be a source of concern both for the players and “ Hills”
coaching team.

Cartha QP 45 pts Hillhead/Jordanhill 0 pts
“Hills” 1 st XV Rory Harte ( C ) Jimmy Griffith, Scott Busby, James Reekie ( Scott Halliday ) ,
David Vallance, Clement Tranier, Ross Thomson , Carlos Celsis ( George Stephenson), Harry
Perston, Blair Mackenzie, Don McAdam, Adam Jackson, Ryan Reilly, Scott Whiteford, Alec
Cameron ( David Webster )

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