Hillhead Jordanhill

“Hills” Try Hard Throughout But West Superior

West of Scotland 41 pts Hillhead/Jordanhill 7 pts

It’s always difficult to argue  against a  final scoreline which tells of a superior performance from the home team.  Additionally when  the final try might be described as a “consolation” that rubs salt into the open “Hills” wound.    Yet there were times during this game when the contest was even,  and “Hills” stitched together some pleasing passages of play,  particularly  when the ball was moved wide at speed.    But the hard unpalatable facts were that whenever West entered the “Hills” twenty two, they seemed to come away  with a score, either through their very effective driven line out maul or by some hard direct running from their centres.  “Hills”, for their part,  did not show corresponding ruthlessness and let at least two chances go begging in the second half in the opposition twenty two. Their score when it did come owed everything to the speed of transfer  from Darren  Knox and Rory Harte’s finishing skills.

“Hills” will learn from their reluctance in the first half to use the conditions with the chill wind off the Campsies  blowing at their backs  to play the game in the opposition half and tried to play too much rugby. Also the game began to drift in the final ten minutes of the first half when the West  advanced from five points to nineteen ahead. Some unfathomable indiscretion cost “Hills” the services of Rory Harte for ten minutes at the start of the second period  and during that spell West added a further  twelve points. The final quarter saw “Hills”  spiritedly lift their game  through all round application by the whole team, but by then the game had slipped away.  “Hills” will require to take that fighting spirit forward to the next set of league games which begin on Saturday the 3rd December when Ardrossan call at Hughenden.

Finally the playing surface presented at Burnbrae for this game was first class and the game itself was played in a very sporting manner.

“Hills 1st XV    Rory Harte, Clement Trainer, (James Reekie), Dan Williams,  Scott Halliday, David Vallance, Darren Knox, Ross Thomson, Carlos Celis (George Stephenson), Harry Perston, Callum Kettles,  (Kenny Harper), Callum Stove (C), Scott Whiteford, Josh Douglas,  Harry Cordner, Alec Cameron, (Ryan Reilly)    All subs used.

Bernie “The Bunnet” Mitchell

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