No Early Christmas Presents For “Hills”

Hillhead/Jordanhill 12 pts Cartha QP 58 pts

At times in this well contested  game,  “Hills” were the equals of Cartha QP, their south side rivals, having a very good return from the touchline and the game’s only tight head strike, but failure to impose themselves  when they were in possession – Cartha had two yellow cards, while “Hills” had only the one- ultimately proved very costly,  as the visitors pulled away  from a seventeen points to five half time score to thirty four points  to twelve after sixty minutes and then fifty eight to twelve at fulltime.

Despite the one sided nature of the final scoreline,  there was at times much to admire in some of “Hills” play : Callum Stove’s catch of  his own side’s restart kick and subsequent charge into the Cartha QP twenty two ; Rory Harte’s “hokey cokey “ try when he danced in and out of the clutches  of at least five defenders to score between the pots; hooker  Harry Perston’s solid all round eighty minute game which was franked by a  fine try ; and Carlos Celsis’s all action ball carrying in the loose.  Unfortunately the game did not end well for the brave Chilean,  as he was stretchered from the field and hospitalised with a serious knee injury.  Elsewhere,  there were at times good collective  efforts and constant endeavours to take the game to Cartha,  but the  sustained recycling and associated ball handing and control were not present in sufficient quantity to guarantee momentum and tries.

The season now breaks for the Christmas  and New Year holidays.    Regrettably not even the most generous of “Santas” can provide a gift wrapped National league win, and the squad will now require to dig deep  in 2017 to re-discover their individual and team motivation,  commitment and a winning formula to see entries  in the “win column” of the league tables.

“Hills” 1st XV – Rory Harte, Jimmy Griffith, Dan Williams,  Scott Halliday, Scott Busby, James Reekie (Andy Bolster), Clement Tranier, Carlos Celsis (Callum Kettles) , Harry Perston, Blair Mackenzie (Ryan Williamson), Callum Stove (C), Scott Whiteford, Ryan Williamson, Chris Tulloch, Rory Dewar.   All Subs used.

Bernie ‘The Bunnet’ Mitchell