Hillhead Jordanhill

Lest We Forget

Given the constant churn in the number of players and their guests who use Hughenden as their playing/social base, it would not be surprising if some were not fully aware of the origins of our Club. There is sufficient historical material on the main Sports Club website – www.hillheadsportsclub.com – to satisfy anyone who wishes to know more. Briefly, it can be stated that the grounds at Hughenden and the Memorial pavilion were opened on the 24th May 1924 and the tablets which can be seen at the pitch end of the Yill hoose ( Sports bar ) were inscribed with the names of those from Hillhead High School, staff and pupils, who lost their lives during the Great War ; a further panel was added in 1948 to commemorate those lost during World War 2.

As we approach this year’s Remembrance Sunday, the 12th November, we shall hear once again at services the familiar words of the WW1 poets – Binyon, Sassoon, McSorley, Brooke, Graves etc. – which many of us have grown up with. No less eloquent or memorable are some of the words spoken by the Very Rev. Dr. John Smith, when he dedicated the WW1 panel in 1924. He said :

“When, as is natural enough with the passage of years , we incline to take Hughenden for granted simply as our ground, we should do well to ponder on the toll of youth that was its price. Only their renown has come back to us , but their names are deeply graven on the tablets of memory”.

Boxes for donations to the Earl Haig Poppy Fund can be found at the café ground floor bar and also at the bar on the first floor.