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Protocol 3: COVID 19 – HJRFC Season 2020/2021 return to play protocols

This is the third in a sequence of releases about matters which each of us must attend to on return to training at Hughenden. Once again, these guidelines have been well publicised both locally and nationally, and refer to the measures which each of us must observe to prevent the transmission of the virus: “Self hygiene, social distancing etc.”

During stage 3 of the release from lockdown, the two metre social distancing rule will be a very challenging one for us all on the training pitch. PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.

To a certain extent there is some overlap with “Protocols 1 and 2”, but it is crucial that none of us is complacent about our observance of any of these. Further advice will follow on the “To do’s” on arrival and exit from our grounds on training evenings. There will be a maximum of three more releases of guidelines before a recommendation to view an excellent SRU designed video, which brings together all the guidelines, is made.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Bernie Mitchell

Covid-19 Safety Co-ordinator

Hillhead Jordanhill RFC

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SRU Practise good hygiene guidance for COVID 19 SRU Maintain physical distance or 2 metres guidance for COVID 19 SRU Sanitise hands and equipment guidance for COVID 19