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Protocol 6: COVID 19 – HJRFC Season 2020/2021 return to play protocols

This is the sixth and final release about matters which each of us must attend to on return to training at Hughenden. It will be the final announcement for a while as all issues associated with Stage 3 easing of the lockdown have now been covered.  

This protocol directs us to a short video provided by the SRU Rugby Development department which brings together all the various protocols described so far.  

In addition, ALL players are encouraged to take the short Covid19 e-learning module. A certificate is provided on completion of the course.  

Details for Hills online training registration will follow shortly on our closed Facebook page. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  

Training continues Sunday August 9 for women and commences Tuesday August 11 for men. PLEASE REMEMBER TO STAY SAFE. 

Bernie Mitchell 

Covid-19 Safety Co-ordinator 

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