Our mission and values

Our mission

Hills’ ambition is to be the first choice club for all in Glasgow and the West. We will do this by providing the opportunity, challenge and support to develop and grow in rugby in any capacity, whether playing, coaching, facilitating or supporting, in order for the individual, team and club to reach their full potential.

We have attached some of our club policy and process documents which support our values and mission.

Our values drive our behaviour and will ultimately determine our performance and results. We will do our best to ensure we live our values on a daily basis.

Our values

At Hills we are a family, open to all, who train, play, challenge, and support rugby.

We ACT by fostering AMBITION in our players through the CHALLENGE rugby brings and encouraging TEAMWORK on and off the pitch.


We wish to be the first choice club for all in Glasgow and the West for players and coaches to develop and perform their rugby as individuals and teams.

We have a pride in our heritage, a passion for rugby and a desire for all at Hills to reach their full potential on and off the pitch.


For everyone to meet and perform at their highest level, players, coaches and teams alike need to challenge themselves and each other to exceed the norms and strive for improvement.

We need to be honest with ourselves in our effort and rigour and be prepared to challenge ourselves and others while listening to and learning from feedback as we strive to improve our performance.

We will be respectful to others at all times, on and off the pitch, earning respect from others through our endeavour, performance and the quality and integrity of our dealings.


There is a place and position for everyone: all will be encouraged to find their voice while striving for excellence and enjoying their rugby in whatever capacity.

We are a family who trust and support each other on and off the pitch and we rely on each other recognising each has a part to play in our success.

We enjoy rugby, we enjoy being part of a team, we are proud to be part of Hills.