IMPORTANT: Parking changes around Hughenden

FROM MONDAY 26th AUGUST 2019, the Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West Traffic Management and Parking controls will be enforced. This covers the street parking in Hughenden Road and Hughenden Lane, the two principal areas where those attending sporting fixtures and social events at Hughenden (Hillhead Jordanhill RFC) have traditionally parked for no charge. The parking controls cover the period 08.00 – 18.00, Monday to Saturday inclusive. The location of the metered parking bays, along with some important notes/background information, are shown on the drawing below. This will affect ALL visiting clubs XV’s/their players and match officials during season 2019/20, as well as all those who are members of Hillhead Jordanhill RFC.

The club at Hughenden is working closely with Glasgow City Council to ensure the implementation of the parking regulations operates as smoothly as possible. For national league clubs and any regional club using a bus for transport, there is a BUS BAY provided on Hughenden Lane; there is NO charge at all for this facility. Where clubs and their players are travelling to the game(s) by cars, a parking token to cover the continuous period during which cars will be located in metered bays i.e SIX HOUR period, say 12.00 – 18.00 can be purchased for £2.00 (two pounds) from the reception desk of the café on the ground floor of the clubhouse; it is recommended that a 20p ticket be purchased from the parking machine beforehand.

It is regretted that there is NO parking available in our grounds. It is hoped that the parking regulations will NOT inconvenience any of our visiting clubs. Our near sporting neighbours, West of Scotland Cricket Club, have been operating the same parking regulations very successfully at their grounds in Partick now since May 2018 without any disruptions. Closer to Hughenden, Western Tennis and Squash Club will be operating in the same parking regulated area. The club supports the City Council’s ethos of sustainability and their wish to reduce the number of motor vehicle movements in the area. Car sharing when travelling for games at Hughenden will be one way to reduce costs while local public transport – rail at Hyndland Station, First Bus along Great Western Road, 6 and 6; the 4 service in Hyndland Road etc – is readily available. The committee at Hughenden trusts that these parking regulations will not impact adversely on anyone’s enjoyment of their day out for either playing or watching competitive rugby at our grounds and thereafter in the Clubhouse.

Parking Bays at Hughenden