The Alan Le Vin 100 Club

This fund raising initiative is named in memory of Alan Le Vin. Fund raising for Hillhead Jordanhill RFC and its playing objectives were very close to Alan’s heart. In his memory the Committee and Alan’s family wish his name to be associated with this particular venture as testament to his life-long support and devotion to the Club.

What is The 100 Club?

The 100 Club is a prize draw. This initiative will generate up to £3000 in funds for the club with up to £3000 being distributed as prize money.

How does it work?

Entrants can take part in the draw by buying one or more numbers, from 1 to 100. Entrants must buy numbers in sequence.

As of 29/06/2020 numbers 1 – 28 have been sold. Numbers 29 – 100 are still available.

Once selected, a number cannot be purchased by anyone else for the duration of the year. During the draw, three numbers are drawn at random and the owners of each number receives a cash prize. There are six draws in total, including one bumper prize draw each year.

Each number in The 100 Club costs £60 per calendar year. You can either pay by monthly Direct Debit or in one single payment. Entrants to the draw are encouraged to pay in one single payment for administrative purposes.

How to Enter

This draw is open to everyone. To enter, please use our contact form.